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The Day of Surprises.

After a night of some crap sleep and feeling very anxious and depressed about everything going on in the world right now, I decided after I woke up I was going to take a mini hiatus from the news (even from the weather), social media, and from the internet in general.  I just feel like I've been experiencing information overload and if I didn't take a step back my anxiety would have careened out of control.  (I made an exception to come on here to post since this is kind of like my journal.  But this is it.  I'm not even going to check my email.)

So this morning I was sprawled on my bed and attempting to repaint my toes.  I just painted them the other day but somehow they got messed up.  All of a sudden my doorbell rang and a pounding came from my front door.  

Now, my doormat is a deep green color that has a pretty yellow zigzagging pattern on the top.  What it does not have on it is the word "Welcome".  That was intentional.  Actually, what I really need is a doormat that says, "Did you call or text first?"  Because, I hate it when people just show up unannounced!  It's like, what?  You think I'm just sitting around and waiting for you to come over?  Guess what?  I'm busy.  And by not calling or texting before stopping by you're taking away my choice of whether or not I want to see you. 

Okay, rant about one of my pet peeves over.  

As soon as I heard my doorbell and the pounding, I completely froze.  Mentally I went through the list of everyone I knew and whether or not one of them told me they were going to stop by.  This was a big, fat 'no' because everyone knows that, while I love and miss them, I don't want to see anyone face to face with this covid19 still going crazy.  

Then I considered pretending that I was simply not at home.  This would have been laughable because I was blasting Pavarotti's greatest hits from my kitchen so I could hear it all the way in my bedroom.  

Knowing the jig was up, I hefted myself up and started to creep to my window to see if I could see anyone in my driveway.  The problem with that was I had yet to make my bed.  And, me being me, my sheets, blankets, and two pillows were scattered all over my floor.  My foot - with the freshly painted toes no less - got tangled up in a sheet and I ended up going down.  Flat on my behind.  (Actually it was more like my hip, but when I bounced I ended up on my behind.)  

Thankfully I'm fine.  Nothing got broke (but my hip is still a little sore).  But my toes did need to get repainted again.  

After I levered myself up off the floor, I bypassed my window and marched to my front door.  Inconvenienced and annoyed that I was going to have to repaint my toes for the third time, I yanked my door open with more than a little attitude.  

But no one was there.  No one was parked in my driveway or in front of my house.  I even scanned the street but, except for neighbor Bob hacking away and having a smoke on his front porch, all was quiet.  That's when I saw the box on the ground just off to the side of my door.  

Yep.  I got myself all riled up over a package delivery.  Talk about feeling foolish.  

And it was an awesome package too!  It was from my sister.  She made me a "just because" care package.  She filled it with a lot of my favorite things: a ton of doodads and thingamabobs for scrapbooking (FYI: my sister and I are both avid scrapbookers), a bag of peanut M&Ms (I didn't tell her the bag of M&Ms that I recently purchased was the huge party sized bag.  Shh....  That'll be our little secret.), two pairs of socks with the emblem of the university she and I both attended on the cuffs, some bright and colorful fine liner pens, an eye glass repair kit (my spare glasses lost a screw), a bottle of hand sanitizer, some pink and blue Post-Its (I use a lot of Post-Its), and probably a few more other things that right now I'm drawing a blank on.  

My sister is the best.  And that was the perfect way to brighten up my day.  


11:30 p.m. - 2020-06-02


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